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Safety ladder certification


We are proud to announce that we have reached step 2 of the safety ladder!

As you can read below, from 1 January 2022 ViA (Safety in tenders) will be an obligation in the construction industry. We have chosen the Safety Culture Ladder tool to achieve this objective. The certification audit took place at the beginning of September. Various colleagues were asked to fill in a list of questions about safety, and the ISO/VCA/KAM committee showed what is already happening in the field of safety and safety awareness. All this together has led to our being awarded Step 2.

And we are happy with that!

What is the Safety Culture Ladder?

Safety and awareness remain a hot item in the construction industry in the Netherlands. In order to promote awareness and raise the safety culture to a higher level, joint agreements have been made within the construction industry, laid down in a Governance Code for Safety in Construction.

From 1 January 2022, contractors who have signed this GCVB will include safety awareness as an obligation in tenders and contracts, the so-called Safety in Tendering.

This awareness is expressed in the Safety Culture Ladder. This Safety Culture Ladder is a tool to measure safety awareness, attitude and behaviour in companies. The emphasis here is on the safety culture. It is intended to stimulate companies and their suppliers to consciously work safely.

To increase participation and awareness in companies, a certificate with accompanying audit for certification has been instituted.  This certification will be compulsory for contractors and principals.  The safety ladder works in steps; the higher the safety awareness in an organisation, the higher the awarded ladder step.  The ladder can be used in all sectors without making a distinction between clients, contractors or suppliers.

The aim is to reduce the number of unsafe situations, and therefore fewer incidents resulting in absence and/or damage.

At Sorba, we are busy preparing for the certification audit to be carried out this autumn, with the aim of being certified by 1 January 2022.

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