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DUO Building Groningen

IBG Groningen Sorba
IBG Groningen Sorba
IBG Groningen Facade detail | Sorba Projects
IBG Groningen hoekdetail | Sorba Projects
IBG Groningen detail | Sorba Projects
IBG Groningen SorbaIBG Groningen Facade detail | Sorba ProjectsIBG Groningen hoekdetail | Sorba ProjectsIBG Groningen detail | Sorba Projects

The DUO building, formerly know as IBG Groningen, was designed by the architectural firm UNStudio. This complex consists of two towers that blend into each other, one tall (92 metres) and one low (42 metres). The design features a striking and unique facade with a series of irregularly shaped windows arranged in a grid pattern. With the facade made of glass and Alpolic ACM with a silver metallic Lumiflon coating, the building has a sleek and contemporary appearance.

The DUO building incorporates various sustainable design elements. It was designed with energy efficiency in mind and includes features such as optimized insulation, efficient heating and cooling systems, and the use of natural daylight to reduce energy consumption.

Keeping it cool

The façade has horizontal fins, which keep solar heat outside the building, reducing the heat build-up inside and the need for cooling. In winter, this principle works the other way round. The sun is then lower, allowing sunlight to penetrate under the fins, which is generally considered desirable in winter. In this way, heat enters the building and less additional heating is required. This leads to considerable energy savings.

Overall, the DUO building in Groningen showcases a modern and sustainable design, blending aesthetics with functionality.

More information

If you desire further information on this building on a historical place in Groningen, you can find it here



Rain screen cladding made out of Alpolic ACM with a silver white metallic lumiflon coating with a gloss rate of 80 %.

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