“Duin Almere, A Natural Luxury “

Amid the vast polders of Almere, right on the IJ, looms a dune landscape that creates the illusion of a permanent holiday. Appearances are deceptive, however, because this is Duin, the new residential area where living, working, and recreation come together organically. With dunes, woods and beach nearby, Duin offers a natural experience. Yet you don’t have to look far for entertainment, with a marina, flats, shops and restaurants within easy reach.

Natural Beauty in Duin

The smart landscape layout, colour schemes and use of natural materials in the buildings create the illusion of a dune landscape.

High-level living

Several residential towers are rising in Almere Duin in Kop Zuid. Sorba, well-known in the world of high-quality cladding, is working on the facades of two of these towers. The project, designed by Klunder Architects, Moederscheim Moonen Architects, and Claessens Erdmann Architects & Designers, is being carried out by Koopmans Enschede on behalf of Amvest and De Alliantie.
In total, this project comprises 337 residential units spread over four towers. All offer sweeping views over the IJ Lake, with even Amsterdam on the horizon on sunny days.

Architect: Klunder Architects | Moederscheim Moonen Architects | Claessens Erdmann Architects & Designers

Contractor: Koopmans

Materials: aluminium composite aluminium (Alpilic), profile cladding, insulation material

Perfection in Natural Design

Valencia Tower (Building J)

The Valencia Tower, with 15 floors and 58 flats, dominates Duin with a prime location. Sorba contributes to this striking tower by supplying and installing Alpolic aluminium composite cladding and ceiling cladding of approximately 3,000 m², along with specially manufactured profile cladding, all finished in the natural dune colours. In addition, aluminium eaves are also manufactured for a luxurious finish.

Sydney Tower (Building L)

The Sydney Tower, with 22 floors and 107 flats, will be fitted by Sorba with 685 m² of specially developed aluminium profiles and Alpolic composite facade edges. This residential tower offers breathtaking views and retains the natural colour scheme that characterises Duin.

Living in harmony

Duin Almere, with its harmonious dune landscape and imposing residential towers, embodies the perfect fusion of luxury and natural beauty. Sorba, with its principles of “The Perfect Finish,” contributes to this architectural masterpiece by realising the facades with precision and craftsmanship. The project not only exceeds expectations of modern urban luxury but also offers a perfectly balanced interplay between nature and architecture. For those looking for this harmony, Duin Almere offers the ultimate experience, with Sorba as guardian of “The Perfect Finish.”


  • SSendzimir cam profile cladding, finish Colorcoat HPS 200 Ultra (Svelte Grey)
  • Aluminium composite material (Alpolic), finish Gray White.
  • Insulation material was also included by Sorba.

Surface area of materials used

  • Approx. 2010 m² of ridge profile cladding
  • Approx. 3000 m² of aluminium composite material (Alpolic) facade and ceiling cladding
Aluminium composite (Alpolic)

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