Sorba’s Expertise in Special Artworks and Materials

Looking for The Perfect Finish of specials and unique works of art?

Sorba, as the Surface Creator, has proven itself in numerous projects, with a special focus on our Specials! It is crucial to have a partner with in-depth knowledge of special materials and techniques such as bronze, alongside our expertise in aluminium, glass fibre reinforced concrete, and stainless steel. We excel in advising on the properties of each material and developing customized solutions, even for complex artistic projects. Discover our craftsmanship and admire our realized bronze artworks.

The Perfect Finish!

How we work in Specials

As a full-service partner, we gladly undertake the full spectrum of special projects. Sorba offers advice, engineering, production, and installation, with a strong focus on customization and the realization of these unique masterpieces.

Unique surfaces, unique artworks, unique Specials
Unique design demands customization, especially when it comes to our Specials, including beautiful bronze artworks. With our ability to think independently of systems and materials, nothing is impossible for us. We embrace daily challenges to make artistic visions tangible. With extensive knowledge of materials, production techniques such as casting and machining, we enhance the feasibility and achievability of projects, without compromising on aesthetics and quality.

The Art of The Perfect Finish!

Thames Tideway columns London | Sorba Projects

Why work with Sorba?

Sorba finishes it off, with a special focus on bronze artworks.

Our numerous completed projects, with a particular emphasis on bronze artworks, speak for themselves: we strive for perfection. Perfection is achieved only by successfully completing a project, including Specials, together. Our work is essential for shaping the built environment. The surfaces we create with materials and surface treatments will define cities, streets, and structures for decades to come. That’s why we make deliberate, sustainable choices that do justice to design and function.

And we only let go when it’s truly perfect. That’s Sorba.

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