Powder Coatings

Strive for The Perfect Finish
Our suppliers develop and apply various innovative coating systems and application methods. These systems and methods, qualified according to applicable industry standards, always strive for The Perfect Finish.

Excellent UV and weather-resistant
Powder coatings offer a wide range of functional and decorative properties, available in almost endless colours, gloss levels, metallic, and textured effects, suitable for both industrial and residential applications. Powder coating is known for its mechanical strength and excellent UV and weather-resistant properties.

Final application
The final application, the material of the object, and the environmental conditions determine the type of powder coating layer chosen. Depending on the application, the appropriate powder is selected.


Versatility of anodizing
Our suppliers anodize according to the highest standards, such as QUALANOD and British Standards, embodying craftsmanship and sustainability. Discover the versatility of anodizing at Sorba, where we turn surfaces into artworks with The Perfect Finish.

Aesthetic possibilities
The world of anodizing within Sorba, where we collaborate with our suppliers to transform surfaces into The Perfect Finish. Anodizing, an electrochemical process, converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, and abrasion-resistant oxide layer. This unique aluminium oxide layer is not applied like a traditional coating; it is fully integrated with the underlying aluminium. The anodized layer allows for additional processes, such as colouring, thereby optimizing aesthetic possibilities.

Strive for quality
Our pursuit of surface perfectionism is evident in both direct and indirect visible surfaces. Direct visible surfaces require uniform colour and glossiness. Undesirable differences between components are unacceptable, and our Surface Creators strive for quality with adequate quality procedures.


Living surfaces
The fascinating world of patination at Sorba, where craftsmanship and aesthetics converge in a perfect finish. Patination is an art, a process in which copper, bronze, and brass are transformed into living surfaces with a unique character.

Natural aging
During patination, metals undergo a controlled oxidation reaction, resulting in beautiful colour variations and textures. For example, copper develops a distinctive green patina layer, while bronze and brass acquire subtle, warm tones. This natural aging not only adds aesthetic depth but also provides protection against further corrosion.

Perfectly realized
Discover the versatility of patination and let your metal elements come to life with a unique, carefully developed patina layer, perfectly realized by our Surface Creators.

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