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At our main location in Winterswijk, we have advanced production facilities for a wide range of operations. For projects requiring specific materials or processes, we engage external partners. Whether production occurs internally or externally, the quality of the material and the final product is always closely monitored.

Fabrication drawings

Fabrication drawings is an essential stage in the production process, where accuracy and precision are key. Traditionally, these drawings are made in 2D, but nowadays 3D modelling techniques are increasingly used. These drawings must seamlessly match the design and serve as detailed guidelines for production. This also includes assembly and mounting drawings, which play a crucial role in the correct assembly and mounting of the various parts. Creating these production drawings requires expertise and experience to ensure smooth and efficient production, with the end result having to comply with applicable standards and project requirements.

Material procurement

After the production drawings are ready, the important step of material procurement follows. In cooperation with the work planner and the project manager, the required materials are inventoried and purchased. It is essential to fine-tune the properties of the materials and delivery times, as these factors affect the progress of the project. Careful planning and coordination of materials procurement ensures that all required materials are available on time for efficient project execution.


After material procurement is completed, the production process follows, with the location of production being determined first. This can take place internally in the company’s own facility or externally at specialised partners. For each project, the specific machining techniques are evaluated and, together with all involved, it is decided what is most suitable. This close cooperation ensures that production is carried out using the most suitable methods and at the most efficient location, matching the requirements of the project.

Surface treatment

The production phase is often followed by a surface treatment process, an essential part in which aesthetics and quality are added. Years of collaboration with supply partners allow us to meet the standards our clients expect. Whether it’s powder coating, anodising, galvanising or patination, at Sorba we always provide the The Perfect Finish.


The final step is assembly. Wherever possible, we aim to assemble under internal conditions. This reduces time on site and contributes to the quality of the components. The products are packed according to the desired construction progress and phasing, creating an optimal workflow for our installers.

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