Sorba is a leading player in finishing and cladding various infrastructure projects, including stations, metros, airports, viaducts, and tunnels. Our contribution has resulted in impressive and remarkable projects. Have you ever visited the stations in Arnhem, Utrecht, The Hague, Tilburg, Den Bosch, or London? There, you can witness first-hand what Sorba achieves. Discover our accomplishments and see the tangible results of our efforts.

How we work in Infrastructure

We do not limit our efforts to the Netherlands alone; our expertise and dedication also have international appeal. Similar projects are executed with the same precision and craftsmanship in cities like London, where Sorba leaves its mark on world-class architectural infrastructure.

Just like with our facade and interior projects, we approach infrastructure with the same expertise and dedication. Sorba works with high-quality materials and has a proven track record in meticulously finishing and cladding infrastructure, balancing both the technical challenges and aesthetic aspects.

Nine Elms Underground station | Sorba Projects

Why work with Sorba?

Our involvement in ground-breaking projects in the mentioned cities attests to our expertise and ability to enrich infrastructure in urban areas. Sorba stands for craftsmanship, innovation, and reliability, which are clearly reflected in our contribution to the crucial elements of our daily transportation network.

Sorba. Where craftsmanship and functionality converge in the world of infrastructure.

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Rotterdamsebaan Den Haag

Infrastructure Amsterdam
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Nine Elms London

Infrastructure Amsterdam
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