Smart and efficient solutions

A tangible example of sustainability is our own solar farm, a source of pride and innovation within our company. With this solar park, we are not only able to meet our own energy needs, but even exceed our own energy consumption. When designing our solar park, we carefully considered the position of the solar panels, aiming for maximum efficiency and yield. Moreover, we have taken into account in the design to charge batteries of our forklifts even at times when the sun is not shining as brightly. These strategies not only contribute to our sustainability goals, but also demonstrate our commitment to smart and efficient solutions.

Positive impact

At Sorba, we strive to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our operations, from design and manufacturing to logistics and the use of our facilities. We believe that our responsibility to protect the environment does not stop at the boundaries of our premises, but extends into the wider community and global context. Therefore, we continue to innovate, invest and collaborate to find sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the environment and future generations.