At Sorba, engineering is our core activity.

With a team of approximately 40 engineers, we strive to bring architects’ ideas to life. Our motto, Surface Creators, reflects our aim to create unique surfaces that define architectural masterpieces. From concept stage, we work closely with the architect to find a suitable solution for your project. For complex projects, we utilize mock-ups. We build a part of the structure at full scale, allowing us to directly test the outcomes of our engineers design and provide you with an impression of our solutions. At Sorba, engineering is central, and we go to great lengths to make your vision a reality.

Project Management – Sorba’s Integrated Approach

At Sorba, each project is assigned to a specific project team, where we value the collective performance of the team rather than individual contributions. The project team works closely together, emphasizing a joint effort to achieve the set goals. The point of contact for the project remains the project manager, who acts as a central figure to ensure team coordination, planning, and budget control. Our project managers know the project inside out and effectively steer it from start to finish. In short, they combine technical expertise with effective project management to ensure the successful completion of each project.


Software is an integral part of our daily operations. We use advanced 2D and 3D software tools to detail and visualize architects’ ideas. Additionally, we implement Data Management systems to efficiently manage information flows on projects. Sorba is flexible in adapting to different information flows used on projects. However, we always ensure that they align with our internal procedures, enabling us to guarantee consistency and accuracy. This integration of software and data management contributes to our multidisciplinary approach and allows us to work with precision and efficiency in realizing architectural masterpieces.

Fully BIM Compliant

In many of our projects, we face the challenge of collaborating with various parties, integrating existing situations, and planning structures. For optimal collaboration within the construction sector, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is widely adopted. These BIM standards ensure consistency in documentation among the involved parties. At Sorba, we can work fully according to BIM guidelines, and we contribute to the development of Information Delivery Specifications for façade construction. This approach enables us to collaborate seamlessly and provide an integrated approach within complex construction projects.

Externe Expertise

The use of external consultants is essential, especially when specialized knowledge is required. Our Surface Creators at Sorba are well-versed in applicable standards, but sometimes demand exceeds our internal expertise. Therefore, Sorba has gathered strategic partners who provide us with specialized information. This external input is integrated seamlessly into our project realizations.

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At Sorba, we are passionate about creating unique projects that leave a lasting impression. Our team is ready to take on the challenge together with you and create a lasting result. Whether it’s a bold design that requires technical perfection, or customisation for a project that demands solution-focused design and confidence, we are looking forward to making your vision a reality.

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