Three-dimensional Alpolic cladding at Student Housing: Sorba’s Masterpiece

In collaboration with Schaub Architekten Hamburg and Studierendenwerk Hamburg, Sorba has played an impressive role in the renovation of student housing. The project involves the use of three-dimensional cladding from Alpolic, fully showcasing Sorba’s expertise in high-quality facade and object cladding.

Architectural mastery

The architectural design, entrusted to Schaub Architekten Hamburg, is a feat of innovation and aesthetics. The commitment to contemporary student accommodation is accentuated by the choice of three-dimensional cladding, in which Alpolic shines as a prominent material.
Studierendenwerk Hamburg, as client, has initiated the housing renovation with an eye for the needs of the students. The focus is not only on functionality, but also on creating an inspiring and modern living environment.

Three-dimensional Cladding: Sorba’s choice of three-dimensional cladding from Alpolic is a conscious move to make a visual and structural statement. The material is visibly attached, giving the façade a dynamic and modern look. Sorba’s role as a full-service partner is reflected here, embracing the entire facade project from consultancy and engineering to production and installation.

Customised Thinking and Doing: The Sorba Approach

At the heart of Sorba’s approach lies customisation, both in thinking and doing. By thinking system- and material-free, Sorba embraces the challenges of unique designs. Every day they are challenged to make architectural visions tangible. The result is a high level of craftsmanship and an unprecedented approach to facade engineering.

Perfection as Standard

Sorba is known for striving for perfection. This is not just an aspiration, but a standard they have set in the world of facade and object cladding. The many completed projects are living proof of Sorba’s commitment to perfection. Their work is not only iconic in the built environment, but also serves as a timeless legacy that will define cities, streets and structures for decades to come.

Sorba: Surface Creators

The collaboration between Sorba, Schaub Architekten Hamburg and Studierendenwerk Hamburg in the renovation of student housing is not just another building project. It is a masterpiece in which architectural mastery, innovation in material use and the quest for perfection come together. Sorba’s three-dimensional cladding by Alpolic will not only transform student housing, but also serve as a paradigm for cladding technology in modern architecture


On this project, Sorba Projects incorporated the aluminium composite material Alpolic

Surface area of materials used

  • Approx. 1310 m² of aluminium composite material including insulation material.
Aluminium composite (Alpolic)

Gert-Jan Nietsch

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