“Floriade 2022 Almere: A Masterpiece in Glass and Green”

Since 1960, the World Horticultural Expo Floriade has been a celebration of greenery, horticulture and innovation. Every 10 years, the Netherlands plays host, aiming to strengthen the image of Dutch horticulture and promote exports. In 2022, Floriade will shine for the 7th time, this time in Almere. A striking addition to this green event is the Flores tower, designed to blend seamlessly into the Floriade area. Sorba, known for “the perfect finish,” plays a crucial role here.

The Central Point of Floriade Expo

At the heart of the Floriade area is the impressive Flores tower. This 43.5-metre-high structure, designed by Klunder architects, acts as the central point of the expo area. With a restaurant, viewpoint, meeting rooms and even flats for international guests, the tower embodies the event’s versatility.

Glass with an Extraordinary Print

The unique façade of the Flores tower is a masterpiece in itself. Designed by MVRDV and Flemish Studio Alex Verhaest, the facade consists of 663 m² of glass panels with a special print. Each panel has a unique image, integrating 1,800 plants and trees according to the arboretum’s planting plan. Sorba, with their expertise in high-quality cladding, is responsible for the development, production and installation of this special facade.

Unique Production Technology

Sorba’s approach to this project involves a special production technique. The artwork is printed directly onto the glass, capturing every detail to perfection. This technique highlights Sorba’s commitment to both aesthetics and precision.

Sustainable Choices for a Green Future

After Floriade Expo 2022, the area evolves into the green residential district “Hortus.” The Flores tower, originally the heart of the exhibition, will be transformed into a residential tower with 80 flats. This will make it the first residential structure in the new, sustainable district, where the green character will be enriched by the Floriade arboretum.

Life after Floriade: Flores Almere

Floriade 2022 Almere is not only a celebration of horticulture and innovation, but also a showcase of Sorba’s mastery of cladding. The Flores tower, with its unique glass facade, embodies the perfect finish Sorba is known for. While Floriade is unleashing a green revolution, Sorba is contributing to an aesthetic and sustainable legacy beyond the Expo. The collaboration between Floriade and Sorba is a symbol of green innovation and architectural excellence, with a perfect finish as the icing on the cake.

Sorba, Surface Creators – Half a Century of Excellence

For almost half a century, Sorba has been synonymous with high-quality facade and object cladding. As a material-independent full-service partner, Sorba embraces the role of solution-oriented specialist, where consulting, engineering, production and assembly merge to create the perfect finish.

Customisation and Creative Challenges

Sorba’s strength lies in customisation. With an open approach to systems and materials, the company embraces creative challenges. Every day, architectural visions are made tangible with a wealth of knowledge and solutions. Sorba ensures feasibility and manufacturability without compromising on aesthetics and quality.

Sustainable Choices for a Green Future

Sorba’s work extends beyond the present. Its many realised projects are not only image-defining, but also sustainable. Careful choices, aligned with design and function, will define cities, streets and structures for decades to come. Sorba keeps their promise: they only let go when it is truly finished.

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“A pattern of circles has been punched out of the aluminium, ensuring that sufficient daylight can flow in, and the colour of the material gives the whole a chic appearance.”


  • Approx. 2729 m² of glass cladding

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