“Transformation of Museum Van Bommel Van Dam: From private collection to architectural masterpiece”

Museum Van Bommel Van Dam in Venlo testifies to the vision of Maarten and Reina van Bommel-Van Dam, an Amsterdam couple who founded this museum of contemporary art. In 1969, the couple donated their extensive collection of more than 1,100 drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures to the city of Venlo. In 2017, the museum temporarily closed its doors to move to the historic Keulse Poort, Venlo’s 1938 former main post office.

The transition from post office to national monument

The Keulse Poort, now a national monument, has significant cultural and architectural-historical value as a well-preserved example of the Traditionalist architectural style designed by state architect Hayo Hoekstra. In 2009, the Venlo post office was closed and sold to a property developer. In the following years, the Venlo municipality bought part of the building.
During its transformation into a museum, the monumental building underwent extensive sustainability renovation. Maintaining the historical character was a unique challenge during the renovation process.

Architect: BiermanHenket

Contractor: Nico de Bont

Client: Municipality of Venlo

Innovative design choices

Sorba played a central role in the construction of the new art window on the roof and the newly designed, contrasting entrance. Both exterior elements are clad in an aluminium composite, a durable and recyclable material known for its longevity and low maintenance costs. The gold-coloured envelopes, some opened and others closed, serve as a creative tribute to the building’s former function as a post office.

New architectural highlights

The rooftop art window is a captivating focal point and offers a beautiful panoramic view of Venlo city centre, putting the museum literally and figuratively at the heart of the city.
Another striking feature is the new entrance, an inviting gateway that nullifies the effects of a 1980 renovation. The aluminium cladding is not only durable, but also warmly invites visitors. The facade has the distinctive Sorba touch, a name synonymous with excellence in high-quality facade and object cladding for almost half a century.


2 mm thick aluminium, gold anodised finish

Surface area of materials used

  • Approx. 155 m² “Envelope facade” art and park window
  • Approx. 343 m² of facade cladding Entrance building

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