“The Revolution in Renovation: Sorba’s Fire Safe Transformation of University of Bedfordshire”

In the UK, stricter fire regulations implemented following a tragic residential tower fire have highlighted the need for comprehensive renovations to existing buildings. Sorba UK Limited has proven to be a pioneer in this field by improving the fire safety of three towers on the University of Bedfordshire campus in Luton. This article reveals how Sorba, with a focus on innovation and fire safety, tackled this challenge with a perfect finish.

Improving Fire Safety

Sorba UK Limited was given the honourable task of evaluating the materials and construction quality of three prominent towers on the University of Bedfordshire Campus. The aim was clear: to significantly improve fire safety and comply with new, more stringent regulations.

Innovation in Collaboration with Architect

Working closely with the project architect, Sorba developed an innovative method to remove the existing flammable façade and completely renovate it, while keeping the buildings in continuous use. This required a thorough demolition of the existing wall structure down to the steel-frame SFS, followed by the erection of a completely new façade, including internal panels, membranes, insulation and cavity wall barriers. The crowning glory of this fire-safe transformation is Rockwool’s non-combustible cladding.

Completion of the Mission, the Result of Hard Work

The past few months have been intensively used to fully equip the residential towers with the new fire-safe facades. These up-to-date facades have not only transformed the aesthetics of the towers, but also brought their fire safety to 21st century standards.

International Impact: Working To British Safety Standards

As the UK, faced with the consequences of the tragedy, tightens fire safety standards, the issue is becoming increasingly relevant worldwide. Sorba’s project at the University of Bedfordshire is not only of national importance, but also acts as a reference point for the international community.

Learn more about Fire Safe refurbishment

For those interested in learning more about fire-safe renovations in the UK, including relevant guidelines and recent developments, valuable information can be found here and here.

Half a Century of Craftsmanship

With almost half a century of experience in high-quality facade and object cladding, Sorba has established itself as the specialist in the field. From metalworking to aesthetically pleasing cladding, Sorba is a material-independent full-service partner that not only advises, engineers, manufactures and assembles, but also guarantees the perfect finish.

Sustainable Choices and Future Projects

Sorba’s commitment to perfection is reflected above all in its careful, sustainable choices. It is not just a tagline, but a promise: Sorba makes it áf. This reference project not only confirms Sorba’s ability to bring challenging renovations to completion, but also serves as a confidence-building foundation for future projects.

Sorba: The Perfect Finish

The renovation of the University of Bedfordshire towers is more than an architectural intervention; it is a statement of commitment to safety, innovation and perfection. Sorba’s impeccable approach has not only enhanced the fire safety of the towers, but has also set the standard for the future of refurbishment projects. In a world where safety and aesthetics go hand in hand, Sorba proves that the perfect finish is not just a slogan, but a promise they keep.


Aluminium composite material (Alpolic) in Champagne Gold Metallic colour was used for the façade cladding.

Surface area of materials used

  • Approx. 1990 m² of aluminium composite material (Alpolic) facade cladding.
  • Approx. 165 m² of the panels are backing to reinforce the panels.
Aluminium composite (Alpolic)

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