“The Future of Dutch Design: Innovative Facade with Solar Energy”

A groundbreaking project was unveiled in Helmond on 13 December: the new design facade by Studio Solarix at Kuijpers’ offices. This facade, a collaboration between Studio Solarix, Kuijpers, Kameleon Solar and Sorba, marks a groundbreaking fusion of solar energy, design, and interactivity in the architectural field. Thanks to the support of SPARK Campus and the Municipality of Helmond, this innovative concept became a reality.

Dutch Design meets Solar Power

The concept of Studio Solarix, which won the solar challenge at Dutch Design Week in 2016, was applied in Helmond for the first time on this scale. Studio Solarix, founded by artist Reinier Bosch and architect Marloes van Heteren, proudly introduces the principle of ‘solar design’.

Cooperation and realisation

Aukje Kuypers, general director of Kuijpers and Business Woman of the Year 2018, immediately recognised the potential of Studio Solarix. On behalf of Kuijpers, she decided to transform the facade of their Helmond office with this innovative concept. The integrated design not only enables energy generation but also gives the building a unique identity. Sorba, an expert in facade construction, was called in to produce and assemble the facade panels.

The unveiling

After an opening ceremony with prominent figures such as Mayor Elly Blanksma and representatives of Studio Solarix, Kuijpers, SPARK and TUe, the interactive nature of the facade was unveiled with a spectacular light show. The renovation integrates innovative, sustainable, and interactive elements that give the facade a whole new look.

Sorba’s Role in the Future of Dutch Design

Choosing Sorba as a partner in this project highlights the company’s role as a leading player in high-quality facade and object cladding. As a material-independent full-service partner, Sorba used its expertise to realise Studio Solarix’s design. By taking on the entire facade project, from consulting and engineering to production and assembly, Sorba continues to play a crucial role in the evolution of Dutch Design.

Sorba: Surface Creators

The new design facade in Helmond represents not only a harmonious fusion of beauty and brains, but also the future of sustainable Dutch Design. With innovative solar energy, sleek design, and the involvement of leading parties, this project demonstrates that the buildings of the future can not only be functional but also make an aesthetic and sustainable statement. As a pioneer in high-performance façade technology, Sorba continues to play a key role in defining the built environment for decades to come.


Aluminium composite material (Alpolic), finish Light Brown Metallic, was used for the facade cladding. The panels were pre-fitted with solar cells and LED lighting at our factory in Winterswijk.

Surface area of materials used

  • In total, approximately 200 m² of facade cladding with solar cells and LED lighting were installed.
Aluminium composite (Alpolic)

Gert-Jan Nietsch

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