Spartherm Innovation Centre in Melle: Colourful Impulse to the Environment

Along the A30 motorway from Berlin to Amsterdam, you pass through the small town of Melle in Lower Saxony. This strategic location has led to booming industrial activity, making it an attractive location for companies in a variety of sectors. In this dynamic, Spartherm Feuerungstechnik decides to build a striking innovation centre, which serves not only as an eye-catcher but also as a functional centre for its customers and relations.

Positive Attention: Spartherm’s Innovation Centre

Spartherm has developed an innovation centre in a beautiful high-profile location along the A30 motorway. It is characterised by a metre-high stylised flame, which is not only an aesthetic highlight but also acts as the beating heart of the building. The centre houses several showrooms where customers and associates can experience the latest stoves, built-in fireplaces and innovations in efficient heating.

Architect: Octatube, Delft (NL)

Client: Spartherm Feuerungstechnik GmbH

Material: Powdercoated Aluminium 3mm RAL 1004

Problem-free parking

In an environment where building land is scarce, offering parking facilities is a luxury. Spartherm is addressing this by creating a car park under the new building for both employees and visitors. Customers need not worry about looking for a parking space; Spartherm provides hassle-free parking.

A High Point in All Views

The literal and figurative highlight of the building is a space under an impressive 14-metre-high glass roof. This space is designed for events, making the innovation centre not only a business but also a social hub. The floors below house offices for employees, with panoramic views of the city and surrounding industrial activity.

Render Spartherm Innovation centre Spartherm Melle | Sorba Projects

“Project of the Year Award” – October 2021

In October 2021, Richmond upon Thames College received the prestigious “Project of the Year Award” from the Education Estates Awards. This recognition highlights the significant difference the college has made in the educational experiences and research opportunities of its students. An achievement that perfectly matches Sorba’s commitment to perfection.

Sorba’s bijzondere rol

Richmond upon Thames College, with its modern campus and perfectly finished facade, is writing a new chapter in architectural excellence. Guided by “The Perfect Finish”, Sorba has contributed to a masterpiece that not only defines buildings but will also characterise cities, streets and structures for decades to come. This project illustrates Sorba’s careful, sustainable choices to do justice to design and function, and shows that they don’t let go until it is truly finished.


Aluminium composite material (Alpolic) with a finish reAL anodised natural Mill for the facade cladding and coated aluminium for the watertops and reveals.

  • Approx. 255 m¹ of watercourses and reveals.
  • Approx. 3825 m² of aluminium composite material (Alpolic) facade cladding.

Gert-Jan Nietsch

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