“The Metamorphosis of Houthavens: Moermansk 400 – A Sample of Modern Architecture”

Amsterdam is undergoing an exciting transformation, with frayed edges being transformed into attractive places to live and work. The Houthavens is a vivid example of this urban renewal, where former industrial port areas are evolving into modern live/work areas. Amidst these developments, Murmansk 400 shines, a paragon of modern architecture on Murmansk Quay. Let us explore this remarkable transformation in detail.

The History of Houthavens

Houthavens has a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Once a thriving shipping and timber trading area, it has now given way to contemporary living and working spaces. This transformation reflects the dynamism of Amsterdam, where old stories merge with innovative urban developments.

Moermansk 400: A Piece of Modern Architecture

Located on Murmanskkade, Murmansk 400 forms an impressive feat of modern architecture. The five-storey building has a unique loft concept. The round glass corners and high ceilings create a spacious effect, bathed in daylight from all sides. Each of the five floors has its own balcony or terrace, accessible from that particular floor. Rented mainly to creative companies, Murmansk 400 offers an inspiring working environment with breathtaking views over ‘t IJ and the Amsterdam skyline.

Architect : ZZDP Architects

Contractor: Wessels Zeist

Client: G & S Vastgoed

Sustainable edging by Sorba

On this project, Sorba played a crucial role in providing the edging for the balconies. The Alpolic, durable aluminium composite cladding used emphasises the slender design and light colour scheme, making the building appear to rise and merge with its surroundings. Planters on three sides integrate greenery into the building, turning Murmansk 400 partly green in the future. The facade, finished in white profiled cladding and black anodised aluminium, adds to the modern look.

Discover Modern Architecture on Murmansk Quay

Besides Murmansk 400, Moermanskkade is home to more samples of modern architecture. Sorba’s contribution to Flow, located opposite Moermansk 400, demonstrates its ongoing commitment to shaping Amsterdam’s modern skyline. For more information on other projects on Moermanskkade, please see here.

Made-to-measure perfection

Sorba, a household name in high-quality facade and object cladding, has made its mark on the built environment for nearly half a century. As a material-independent full-service engineer, manufacturer and collaboration partner, Sorba guarantees the finish that gives buildings and objects allure and aesthetics. Taking the entire facade project off our hands, Sorba offers solution-oriented advice, engineering, production and assembly. By thinking system- and material-free, Sorba realises customised solutions that leave nothing to chance.

Surface creators

Murmansk 400 not only stands as a modern office building on Murmansk Quay; it represents an evolution, an interplay of history and contemporary innovation. Sorba’s contribution to this project illustrates their commitment to perfection and ability to define buildings that will grace cityscapes for decades to come. Amsterdam is transforming, and with Sorba it does not just stop at buildings; it is a story that unfolds on facades, streets and structures, where careful choices and the pursuit of perfection define everything. That’s Sorba.


Material: aluminium

Surface area of materials used

  • Approx. 825 m² of profiled sheeting,
  • Approx. 180 m¹ of roof hoods
  • 2,055 m² other cladding.

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