“Holland Casino Venlo: A Thriving Eyecatcher on the Horizon”

Holland Casino has had its temporary residence in Venlo since 2006. However, plans for a new building remained on the shelf for a long time, and the temporary location became less and less temporary. Until it was decided to create a new building at a strategic high-profile location on the A67 and A73.
This location was not chosen by chance. Because of its proximity to Germany, Holland Casino expects to attract many German visitors. This casino acts as the first thing tourists see when entering the Netherlands via the A67, making it a fantastic eye-catcher.

Say it with Flowers: Architectural Mastery

MVSA Architects has created a breathtaking design for this new Holland Casino in Venlo, inspired by the shape of a flower. This symbolism refers to the Netherlands’ strong relationship with flowers.
The building is surrounded by an interactive LED façade, developed by Sorba in collaboration with Living Projects. This facade consists of sequins with LED lighting and perforated cladding. The sequins, composed of aluminium rings with glass or aluminium chips, feature interactive LED lighting behind glass chips, coated with a chameleon coating for colour variation. The sculptural façade edges are formed by Alpolic ACM panels and an aluminium façade band.

Render Holland Casino Venlo | Sorba ProjectsHolland Casino Venlo | Sorba Projects

Cradle to Cradle Sustainability

The building has been built completely sustainably according to the cradle to cradle principle. Rainwater is collected for the grey water system, while sustainably managed wood and hollow wooden walls with wood fibre provide optimal insulation. Only 30% of the concrete used is new, with the rest coming from demolition work.
Also noteworthy is the building’s lighting. Thanks to the use of LED lighting, energy consumption is limited, making the design not only visually appealing but also sustainable.

Surface creators

Opened in 2021, Sorba adds yet another architectural masterpiece to its impressive portfolio with Holland Casino Venlo. The interplay of innovative technologies, high-quality materials and sustainable design results in a building that is not only functional as a casino, but also makes a visual statement. Sorba’s involvement in this project once again demonstrates their commitment to perfection and craftsmanship. For decades, the Holland Casino Venlo will adorn the skyline and welcome visitors with its thriving splendour. For more information on this unique project, visit [here](link to more information). Sorba, where craftsmanship and perfection come together, continues to be iconic in the built environment.

Render Holland Casino Venlo | Sorba ProjectsHolland Casino Venlo | Sorba Projects


The edge cladding is made of aluminium composite material (Alpolic) in the colour RAL-9010.
For the “Tiara” cladding on the roof, 3 mm thick aluminium in RAL-9006 colour was applied.
6 mm thick glass, stopsel super silver clear with a translucent screen print, and 4 mm thick aluminium in the colour Chameleon, were applied for the sequins façade.

Oppervlakte gebruikte materialen

  • Ca. 2.980 m² edge cladding
  • Ca. 2.250 m² sequins façade
  • Ca. 615 m² “Tiara” cladding
Aluminium composite (Alpolic)

Gert-Jan Nietsch

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