“The Rotterdamsebaan: Sustainable Solutions to The Hague’s Traffic Challenges”

Like many other major cities, The Hague experiences the problem of congested roads. In 2016, construction therefore started on the Rotterdamsebaan, a 4-kilometre-long motorway right through The Hague, largely underground, to provide relief from the busy Utrechtsebaan.

Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel: A Sustainable Masterpiece

The Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel, named after Piet Mondrian’s famous painting, is a bored tunnel with 2 tunnel tubes and 2 lanes in both directions. It stands out as the world’s most sustainable tunnel due to innovative features. A particulate magnet, designed to capture fine dust, reduces emissions by 50 per cent. Moreover, old asphalt has been reused, and released soil has been reused for local projects.

Architect: Benthem Crouwel Architects | Paul de Ruiter Architects

Client : Construction combination Rotterdamsebaan: BAM Infra and Van Hattum Blankevoort

Solar energy as a Driving Force

Upon entering the tunnel under a roof of solar panels, generated by solar energy, the entire building is powered to monitor tunnels, bridges and more throughout The Hague, 24 hours a day.

Sorba’s Role in Tunnel Beauty

Sorba made a crucial contribution to the Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel by supplying and assembling the wall cladding for the tunnel and the tunnel box. This involved the use of the durable aluminium composite Alpolic. This material, fully recyclable, was applied over an area of 34,000 m², divided over both tunnel tubes.

Timeless White

The Alpolic wall cladding, supplied by Sorba, gives the tunnel a timeless white appearance. An impressive sight that, as seen in the project’s time-lapse, seems infinite as you drive through the tunnel. What is white must stay white, a prerequisite for this project is that the applied coating can withstand cleaning with a cleaning truck. Alpolic in the colour Sikkens ON.00.86 (white) perfectly fulfils this requirement.

Infrastructural perfection

The Rotterdamsebaan and the Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel are not only infrastructural masterpieces but also paragons of sustainability and modern design. Sorba’s commitment to high-quality facade and object cladding has endowed the tunnel with an aesthetic allure that perfectly matches the goal of sustainability. This project embodies the future of urban development, where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand to make cities more liveable.

More information?

Want to experience this impressive project for yourself? Then watch the [time-lapse](link to time-lapse) of the entire transformation. For more information about the Rotterdamsebaan, click [here](link to more information). Sorba stands for perfection, and that is exactly what they have achieved with this project.


  • Aluminium composite material (Alpolic) in the colour Sikkens ON.00.86 (white). A total of approximately 34,000 m² of aluminium composite material (Alpolic) has been applied.
Aluminium composite (Alpolic)

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