“The Iconic Bus Bridge in Zwolle: A feat of Modern Technology and Architecture”

The bus bridge in Zwolle is an extraordinary feat of engineering and architecture. The project was completed in 2013 and has been a lasting asset to the city ever since.
The bus bridge was designed to reduce congestion in the city centre and make traffic flow more efficiently. It is a high-quality and modern solution to the city’s challenges and offers residents and visitors a pleasant view of the surrounding area.

The Design: Sleek, Elegant and Efficient

The design of the bus bridge is particularly striking. It has a slim and elegant shape and is made of steel and glass. The bridge has two walkways and a double lane for buses to travel quickly and efficiently through the city. The bridge has modern lighting and is particularly impressive to see at night.

Architect: IPV Delft

Contractor: BAM Infra

Client: City council of Zwolle

Improving Public Space

The bus bridge is also a significant improvement for public space. The project was carried out in cooperation with the municipality of Zwolle and resulted in the creation of a park and cycle paths along the banks of the river IJssel. These improvements contribute to the quality of the living environment and livability of the city.

Efficient project management

The project was delivered within the set budgets and schedule and is a good example of efficient project management. The construction of the bus bridge was a challenging task as the bridge had to be built over the busy traffic in the city centre. Despite this, the project was delivered on time and on budget, and resulted in significant improvements in the city.
The bus bridge in Zwolle is an inspiring example of how modern technology and architecture can contribute to a sustainable and liveable city. It is a special project that should make Zwolle proud and is definitely worth a visit.

Sorba’s Contribution: Bespoke Metalwork

Sorba, a pioneer in high-quality facade and object cladding, has executed the light blue edge elements of the bus bridge in 3 mm aluminium. Using an S-shaped, double-curved design, as many as 510 different panels were incorporated into the bridge. These panels, individually drawn and manufactured, form a crucial part of the bridge and illustrate Sorba’s ability to deliver customised solutions.

Surface Creators

The bus bridge in Zwolle is not only an engineering marvel, but also a symbol of modernity and sustainability. Sorba’s contribution to this project highlights the company’s versatility and expertise. Zwolle can be proud of this inspiring feat of technological ingenuity and architectural mastery. The bus bridge is not only functional, but also an artistic addition to the city. Sorba, with its uncompromising pursuit of perfection, remains iconic in the built environment and only lets go when it is truly finished. That is Sorba.


For this project, 3 mm thick aluminium was used, powder-coated in Pale Blue.

Surface area of materials used

  • In total, over 1300 m² of aluminium was used.

Gert-Jan Nietsch

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