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Luton Refurbishment Sorba

Update refurbishment Luton

Following the fire in a residential tower block a few years ago, fire safety regulations in the UK have been significantly changed and tightened. As you will have read in the January 2021 newsletter, Sorba UK has been commissioned to renovate three towers on the University of Bedfordshire campus in Luton.

Safety first

Extensive research was carried out into how to improve fire safety in these residential towers. In the end, it was necessary to completely remove the existing cladding because it did not meet the new requirements. For Sorba, this meant that an entirely new facade construction had to be made, from the inside to the outside. And, of course, entirely according to the new fire safety requirements.

In the past few months, a lot of hard work has gone into equipping all the towers with the new materials.  Many square metres of new cladding on the inside, insulation and barriers and finally a finish with Rockwool’s non-combustible facade cladding. And now it’s almost time for delivery. All the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years in bringing this project to a successful conclusion gives us the confidence that we are ready for the next renovation projects.

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