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Steel Framing Systems

Steel Framing Systems (SFS) are a through-wall building solution that is being more and more utilized within the construction industry. This system is based around frames being built from cold rolled sections normally from thin gauge steel (1-4 mm). By using U sections, the steel frame can be designed in various ways, giving flexibility to the architect for the design of the façade. Steel framing systems have the flexibility of timber frame structures, but because of the use of steel it’s more precise, better suited against the elements and a higher fire safety.

In the steel framing systems windows and facades can be integrated. This gives the opportunity to wind- and waterproof the building quicker. Also, the insulation of the building can be incorporated within the steel framing system, making high insulation values possible.

In the United Kingdom the use of steel framing systems has been used for many years and is still on the rise. Especially because of the high fire safety standard insurance companies demand. Sorba has already worked on projects with a steel framing system, for instance Richmond College in Twickenham, London. Currently Sorba develops and installs steel framing systems for the façade on a renovation project for the Teijin Aramid headquarters in Arnhem.

Richmond College London - SFS Staalframebouw Sorba

Steel Framing Systems Information Sheet

The information on this page is also available as PDF information sheet. This information sheet can be downloaded with the button below.

Advantages of Steel framing systems

  • High constructive properties
  • Lighter in weight (compared to timber)
  • Flexibility in design
  • Integrate windows and fronts
  • Easy transport because of low weight and volume
  • Sustainable; Steel is 100% recyclable
  • Fire safety
  • Wide tolerances – for instance with control of damages in renovation projects.

Sorba offers the complete façade

With the addition of steel framing systems (SFS) Sorba can now offer the complete through-wall package for façade construction. Starting from the steel framing system, the insulation, wind- and waterproofing, the substructure, and finishing with the aesthetic façade cladding. The complete package: up until the plasterboard on the inside of the building, that will normally come under the internal fit-out requirements. The Facades and windows can also be included by Sorba. By bringing the entire façade scheme to one party the steel framing system layout can be optimised for all factors, which leads to a less complicated and more economical solution.

Steel framing systems are a great solution for new development but also for renovation projects. The flexibility of the layout gives the architect a lot of possibilities while also being able to deal with damages (in renovation projects).

Current Renovation Project

In Arnhem, the Netherlands, Sorba works on the transformation of a former laboratory to the new Teijin Aramid headquarters. The building has been stripped to the concrete base and will be built up to the design of Apto Architects. This renovation is done by main contractor BAM and Sorba has been pulled in as the sub-contractor for the entire façade. Sorba uses steel framing system for the first time in the Netherlands for this project.

The former laboratory building is stripped completely back to the concrete base. After this, the façade is built up again with steel framing systems. In total 3130 m² of steel framing system is installed and finished with 2455 m² Alpolic composite material. The steel frame will be installed directly between the concrete floors of the building. Thereafter the insulation, wind- and waterproofing, the substructure and the Alpolic façade cladding are installed. Sorba also develops and installs the windows for this project.

The first renovation project where Sorba offers the complete scheme; Headquarters Teijin Aramid, Arnhem, The Netherlands (APTO Architects)

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