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Sorba installs 800 extra solar panels on warehouse

Sustainability and renewable energy are a hot topic in the construction industry. Sorba is looking at new ways to make our projects more sustainable, but also looks at ways to decrease the environmental impact of our own office and production facility in Winterswijk. Last year we took a big step with solar panels on our new warehouse. This year we added more panels and now have a total of 1426 solar panels.

Many of the new projects we acquire at Sorba have strict requirements on sustainability, reusable materials and power preserving or even power generating solutions. In 2018 Sorba partnered with Studio Solarix for a Solar Design Façade project, in which we developed a power generating façade. Since our projects are getting more and more sustainable, we, as Sorba, also want to contribute to a more sustainable society. The big step we took last year was the installation of 626 solar panels on the roof of our new warehouse.

The results of this first installation were terrific and therefore we decided that we would look into the possibility of more solar panels on the roofs of our other buildings. The roof of our main production warehouse turned out to be suitable for 800 solar panels. With the new solar installation Sorba turns into one of the leaders in solar energy in the area. With a total of 1426 solar panels, we now estimated to have a total generating power of 350.000 KwH per year. In comparison, 70 households use this amount of power in a year and this is more than our own electricity consumption of 325.000 KwH per year. With the surplus in electricity we are looking at other chances to make Sorba even more sustainable. Soon the first electric cars will be leased and charging stations will be installed in our parking lots. This way Sorba wants to contribute to a more sustainable society.

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