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Woolwich Crossrail - London

London Woolwich Sorba
London Woolwich Sorba
London Woolwich Sorba
London Woolwich Sorba
London Woolwich Sorba
London Woolwich Sorba
London Woolwich SorbaLondon Woolwich SorbaLondon Woolwich SorbaLondon Woolwich SorbaLondon Woolwich SorbaLondon Woolwich Sorba

For the new Elizabeth Line in London, Sorba works on the new Woolwich station in Woolwich Arsenal. This part of London has a rich military history. This history is used as an inspiration for the design of the new station. Various sorts of metal, techniques and designs refer to the military past of this district. Sorba has implemented the techniques and materials for this new station.

Dead Men’s Penny

The most direct reference to the military past of Woolwich Arsenal is the Memorial Plaque, also known as the Dead Men’s Penny. This Memorial Plaque for the first world war was minted in Woolwich Arsenal since 1920. The image of Brittania and the lion from the medallion is incorporated in the design of the façade. In the cladding this is achieved with perforated cladding. The pattern in the perforation shows the image of the Dead Men’s Penny. The image continues on the glass in the façade trough a dotted pattern.

Gietbrons panelen

The most eyecatching cladding might be the cast bronze gate at the entrance of Woolwich Station. The material refers to the Bronze used for the Dead Men’s Penny. The gate is cladded with cast bronze panels that give an astonishing look upon installation, but as bronze does, it has started to weather. The shining bronze will weather and turn in the green patina. The bronze is cast in our own hometown of Winterswijk by Pentair Nijhuis. Sorba milled the molds for the panels which Pentair Nijhuis used for the casting of the bronze.

Ticket hall

The entrance of the Ticket Hall lays behind the bronze gate. The station can be closed here with black gates. These gates have been developed by Sorba and are tested against the strict protection requirements LPS-1775/SR-3. In this ticket hall a lot is developed and installed by Sorba. The walls are cladded with enamelled glass panels and the skylights are also developed by Sorba. Around the roof beams and skylights Sorba installed dark grey grille panels and perforated cladding.


For the platforms of the stations Sorba has produced various sorts of cladding. For instance the acoustic grille panels above the platforms. Above the glass subway entries black grille panels with acoustic material is installed to improve the acoustics of the stations. Some of these acoustic panels are hinged, for easy access to the installations behind it. Another acoustic feature are the Acoustic Discs hanging from the ceiling. These hanging discs have a diameter of 2 metres and a light in the centre. The sheetmetal of these discs is perforated and is lined with acoustic insulation.

Patinated Brass

On the platform there are 25 big concrete columns that are an essential part of the stations structure. For these concrete pillars Sorba has developed curved brass column cladding. This brass is patinated by Capisco Ltd.. The patination process artificially ages the brass and gives it the warm bronze colour.

Project Data:

Weston Williamson


Cast bronze, Brass, Acoustic material, Perforated panels

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