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Trade Fair Hall 1 - Düsseldorf

Messehalle 1 Düsseldorf Sorba Sop Architekten
Messehalle 1 Düsseldorf Sorba Sop Architekten
Messehalle 1 Düsseldorf Sorba Sop ArchitektenDüsseldorf_KonferenzboxDüsseldorf_KonferenzboxDüsseldorf_Konferenzbox

sop architekten



The entire entrance of Messe Düsseldorf in Germany is being changed. On the outside Sorba has acquired the contracts for the façade and the cladding for the 200-metre-long canopy. On the inside of the exhibition hall Sorba works on the cladding of the conference box. The conference box will be cladded with specially developed perforated brass sheets from Italy. The first panels have been installed in the last few weeks. This gives you an impression of what it will look like once it will be finished.

The new entrance of the Messe Düsseldorf is designed by SOP Architects. This includes the conference box in the lobby. For the conference box the architects had high demands for the colour and appearance of the material. After various proposals by Sorba, the architects chose a special type of brass that has been treated with an artificial colouring process.

The brass sheet metal is perforated in a repetitive pattern and after that has been folded to a squared sheet pile profile. The surface of the conference box is only 900 m², but because of the brass is folded to sheet pile profiles, 2000 m² of brass metal is used. The perforated pattern is placed on an angle to the fold line. It is placed in such a way that the pattern will continue when the sheets are installed. This way a modular system is created that has a continuous pattern across the entire structure.

Behind the brass cladding the insulation is made of a black material. This creates a dark background for the perforated brass. In the cladding installations, like sprinklers and speakers, are integrated.

Another components Sorba will produce and install are the 200-metre-long canopy at the entrance of the Exhibition and the cladding for the façade of the exhibition hall. The installation of the canopy will likely start in the autumn of 2019. The installation of the façade is almost finished, see here the pictures of this cladding.

Image: Neuer Eingang Süd: Foyer innen, Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf, Neue Messe Süd © sop architekten, Visualisierung: CADMAN

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