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Swiss Life Hannover

Swiss Life Hannover | Sorba Projects
Swiss Life Hannover | Sorba Projects
Swiss Life Hannover | Sorba Projects

It is called a career campus, the new seminar and conference centre of the insurer Swiss Life in Hannover. In this new state-of-the-art building, their financial advisors will be undergoing training and further education.

Modern working and learning

The building will have a total area of 3800 square metres, with more than 30 conference rooms and a 650-square-metre event hall. Modern architecture and intelligent office management come together in this modern building. Flexibility and networking are the key words here. In order to create a good work-life balance, the design takes account of opportunities for relaxation such as lounge areas and catering facilities. The outdoor areas are also important when you want to relax, so they are an important part of the design.

Sustainability is the key word

Sustainable construction was a key factor in the commissioning process, and the campus will therefore meet the gold certification criteria of the German Sustainable Building Association (DGNB).
Sorba is working on the exterior façade of this project, which will be finished in Alpolic, in the colour RAL 9007. We are also involved in the construction of the courtyard, the so-called “Innenhof”. This will also be part of the project and will be made of Alpolic. This aluminium composite is fully recyclable and by using it, it meets the sustainability requirement.

More information about Swiss Life Hannover?

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You can watch a time lapse of the project so far

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Swiss Life Hannover


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