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Sluishuis - Amsterdam

Sluishuis Amsterdam Mockup Sorba
Sluishuis Amsterdam | Sorba projects
Sluishuis | metalen gevelbekleding | Sorba Projects
Sluishuis Amsterdam Mockup SorbaSluishuis Amsterdam | Sorba projectsSluishuis | metalen gevelbekleding | Sorba Projects

In the IJburg district of Amsterdam, Sorba is to provide the façade of the new eye-catcher, Sluishuis. The Sluishuis in Amsterdam is a new interpretation of the traditional courtyard. The apartment complex in the water will have an open gate on the side of the IJ River. This will give the building a spectacular appearance and allow for a harbour in the middle of the building. A wonderful project to use the experience of the Sorba engineers for yet another Amsterdam landmark.

The Sluishuis was designed by the Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and the Rotterdam-based BARCODE. The Sluishuis design initially appears square, but its appearance is different on each side. The tiered arrangement of the floors allows the building to connect to the existing low-rise in IJburg, and the gateway gives it a direct connection to the water of the IJ.

Innovation and sustainability are paramount in Sluishuis Amsterdam

The use of innovative techniques makes the Sluishuis Amsterdam an energy-neutral building. For example, solar panels are installed on one of the islands and triple glazing will be used in the building itself. There are also ground-coupled heat exchangers and a heat-recovery system. All these techniques ensure that the Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) is -0.01, which means that the building generates more energy than it consumes.

Another aspect of sustainability is circular construction, the use of recycled, reusable and renewable materials. In addition to using recycled concrete and wood finishes, Sorba also contributes by supplying and installing the aluminium façade panels.

Beauty and functionality go hand in hand

Sorba provides the cladding for this project, as well as the exterior ceilings and balconies. The cladding is made of aluminium. Especially the construction in and around the water and the slanting “cantilever” ceiling of the gate are a challenge in this project. The building will be built by the VORM and BESIX construction consortium and will contain around 442 flats and an underground car park that goes up to two floors below sea level. There are also moorings for residential and pleasure boats and space for commercial activities.

Impressive from start to finish

Construction started at the end of 2018 and completion was scheduled for the summer of 2022. But before delivery could take place, Sluishuis was placed in the water. The water could enter via small openings in the sheet piling and the basin in which Sluishuis was built in recent years was filled with 22 million litres of water.

View the impressive timelapse of this process here:

More information?

You find more information about the Sluishuis Amsterdam project here

BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) en BARCODE

Ontwikkelcombinatie VORM – BESIX RED

Bouwcombinatie VORM – BESIX


Finished 2022

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