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Sluishuis - Amsterdam

Sluishuis Amsterdam Mockup Sorba
Sluishuis Amsterdam Mockup Sorba

In the Amsterdam neighborhood IJburg Sorba will develop the façade of the new eyecatcher; Sluishuis. This building is a new take on the traditional courtyard. The apartment complex is built in the water and gets an open gate at the lake side of the building. This creates a spectacular view on the building and a port in the middle of the building. A beautiful project for Sorba’s engineers to put their experience towards another Amsterdam landmark.

The Sluishuis is designed by Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group en the Dutch BARCODE Architects. The design of the residential building looks squared on first glance, but every side of the building features another aspect of the building. The levels are placed like steps. The lower side of the building connects to the existing neighborhood and through the open gate the courtyard is in contact with the IJ lake.

For this project Sorba will develop the outdoor cladding, ceilings and balconies. The cladding will be made from aluminium. The fact that the building sits right in the water and the sloping cantilever ceiling of the gate, make the project extra challenging. The building is built by the combination of VORM and BESIX and will hold 380 apartments and 4000 m² commercial space. Construction started at the end of 2018 and the building should be completed in 2020.

BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) en BARCODE

Ontwikkelcombinatie VORM – BESIX RED

Bouwcombinatie VORM – BESIX


Ongoing project

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