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Residential Towers – Almere

In a new suburb of Almere new residential towers are being build. Sorba will work on the façadeds of two of these towers. This new residential project is designed by several architects: Klunder Architecten, Moederscheim Moonen Architects and Claessens Erdmann Architects & Designers. The main contractor on this project is Koopmans Enschede and the area is being developed for Amvest and De Alliantie. The total scheme involves 337 appartments in 4 towers. These towers will look out over the water of the IJmeer and are placed in a artificial dune landscape.

For the Valencia tower, of 15 stories, Sorba will develop and install around 3000 m² of façade and ceiling cladding made out of Alpolic composite material. For this tower there are also specially developed profile cladding and aluminium eaves. The Sydney tower has 22 stories and will have 685 m² of custom-made plank profile cladding out of aluminium and Alplolic eaves.

Project Data:


Klunder Architecten

Moederscheim Moonen Architects

Claessens Erdmann Architects & Designers


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