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Refurbishment University of Bedfordshire – Luton Campus

Luton Refurbishment Sorba
Luton Refurbishment Sorba
Luton Refurbishment Sorba
Luton Refurbishment Sorba
Luton Refurbishment Sorba
Luton Refurbishment SorbaLuton Refurbishment SorbaLuton Refurbishment SorbaLuton Refurbishment Sorba

Project Summary: Sorba UK Limited was commissioned by the client (Kier Eastern) to evaluate and undertake a full survey of both materials and build quality within the external facade of three large high-rise blocks, this was in response to the UK government requirements of the removal of all combustible materials within a building envelope, and we also see the importance of this becoming more relevant within the residential and commercial sectors.

Sorba worked very closely with the clients Architects and their brief to establish a method of removal of the existing combustible system while the buildings were still in use, and to reinstate with a compliant system through-out the whole wall construction.

During this period the decision was made that Sorba removed the existing wall construction completely back to the SFS steel framing after completion of the survey, this was due to the materials used within the original construction not complying to the new and up dated Regulations, therefore a fully engineered compliant solution had to be sourced, and this consisted of the following components:

From the SFS new sheathing boards, membranes, insulation, and cavity fire barriers all fully compliant and fully tested to current guidelines were installed, and finally an engineered non-combustible cladding system.

The new system brought the buildings into the 21st century as well as in line with regulations of the use of non-combustible materials, and with this being a massive concern of new and refurbishment projects Sorba UK Limited provides and ensures peace of mind.

Project Data:

Kier Eastern

University of Bedfordshire


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