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Busitel | Amsterdam

Busitel Amsterdam Artist Impression | Sorba Projects
Busitel Amsterdam Artist Impression | Sorba Projects
Busitel Amsterdam Artist Impression 2 | Sorba Projects
Busitel Amsterdam | Sorba Projects
Busitel Amsterdam Artist Impression | Sorba ProjectsBusitel Amsterdam Artist Impression 2 | Sorba ProjectsBusitel Amsterdam | Sorba Projects

Redevelopment offers opportunities

Sustainable renovation is the key word in the conversion of Busitel in Amsterdam. Located directly next to the Sloterdijk intercity station, this building is in a sought-after location in the Amsterdam Sloterdijk business centre.

Sustainability is key

In recent years, the area around Sloterdijk station has been transforming from a purely business centre, where people mainly worked, to a neighbourhood where people also lived. This has an impact on the area, as new initiatives arise in the field of business, entertainment, food and other leisure activities. The area is developing into an attractive part of Amsterdam.

The renovation of the Busitel building fits into this picture, from a standard, non-sustainable office/hotel building to a striking appearance with a BREEAM certificate.

From engineering to installation

Sorba is involved in the engineering and installation of part of the striking exterior. The day-towers and the ceiling are made of powder coated aluminium sheeting, with Sorba also taking care of the substructure and insulation.

More information about Busitel Amsterdam?

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Architect: RoosRos Architecten

Constructor: De Vries Konstruktieburo

Client: Whitewood

Material:  Powdercoated Aluminium

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