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Design and Specification Considerations of Metal Rain Screen Façade Systems

This seminar sets out to educate and inform the audience on the design parameters, materials and applications of Metal Rain Screen Façade Solutions, primarily in an external environment.
It is recognised that the target audience is as diverse as the architectural industry, therefore the producer has taken trouble to ensure that it covers those details which, in many years of conversations with specifiers, seems to most influence most understanding of the products.
In compiling the seminar, the authors are conscious of the wide interests, ranging from design awareness, through to material capabilities and recycling.

This seminar includes:

• Rain Screen-the principles-design considerations
• Specification standards
• The material(s)
• Finishes and capabilities
• Cost influences
• Project planning
• Applications

The programme has a duration time of approximately 40 minutes (variable to suit requirements)
CPD – Core curriculum subject
General headings: Construction Skills Professional context
Subject: Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering
Knowledge level: General awareness

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Note: please allow one hour before and after the seminar for setting up and cleaning away.

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