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About Sorba

Sorba started in 1977 with the development and production of convector housing, but nowadays we have entered other markets. Cladding for Façades, interiors and infrastructural projects have become our major working areas. In the past 40 years we have worked on many projects, like the concrete panels of the Public Transport Terminal in Arnhem, the colourful cladding of the office tower 400 Beethovenstraat on the Zuidas, Amsterdam, and the interior and exterior of new Underground stations of the Elizabeth Line, London. Each of these projects have unique challenges that demand a different kind of expertise.

The driving force behind the projects are our engineers and project managers. The highly educated engineers have the technical expertise and find the best solutions for your project. Our project managers are not just the planners on the job, but they manage all aspects of the project to ensure a high quality. This way we can maintain our quality standard and guarantee a beautiful result.

Our headquarters is located in Winterswijk, in the East of the Netherlands, but our projects have crossed the Dutch borders. We currently work on projects in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany. The Dutch project managers frequently visit the international projects and in the United Kingdom we even have local teams that serve the British market and monitor the projects on site.

The team


Patrick Weijers

Managing Director

‘In the 20 years I have been at Sorba, the company has grown by keeping quality and innovation as our main priority.’

Wouter Siedenburg Sorba

Wouter Siedenburg

Sales Director

‘Unusual projects, that’s what we like doing best. Where we can apply all our creativity and experience. Our strength? We always come up with a solution.’


Helle Reinold

Sales Germany

I’ve always been drawn to the commercial side, to sales, but I actually trained as an architect. So I can communicate well with the architect, we understand each other.’


Mel Noon

Business Manager United Kingdom

‘Sorba produces wonderful projects in the UK. I’ve worked in construction all my working life, so I have vast experience in the technical aspects of façade materials. I gladly pass that knowledge on to designers and architects, during the seminars that I  present.’


Altwin Wopereis

Sales Engineer

‘Sorba is a horizontal organisation, which means we can adapt quickly. We often need to, during the constant consultations between sale and implementation. My 20 years of experience tell me instinctively whether a project is right for us.’


Martine Graven


‘The work atmosphere here is good: everyone is approachable and friendly. We have a work meeting once a month with the whole staff. If I look at what Sorba has built in recent years, I’m actually rather proud.’


Elma Veldboom


‘As a secretary, you’re particularly involved with organising lots of things. It’s hard work, and there’s always something that needs to be done. My duties have changed during all those years, but Sorba remains a good, steady employer.’


Highly-qualified technicians who contribute ideas

Sorba prefers to be involved in a project right from the concept phase. Why? Because that allows our engineers to apply their expertise at every stage. Is the design technically possible? What will it cost? Which materials are necessary and in what quantities? We have no fewer than 30 engineers on the payroll. These highly-qualified technicians reinforce one another, and are the driving force behind each and every Sorba project. By working from a mock-up – a full-scale prototype of the design – they give the client a good idea of what the engineers are designing. This improves the final result.


Good project management is essential

Good project managing is just as important as skilled and dedicated engineers. Our project managers not only have technical knowledge, they are also masters in managing projects. Like a spider in the middle of a web, they guard the plans and keep a sharp eye on the budget. They are the main point of contact for all parties involved, and they also do the ordering of materials. In short: they manage the project from beginning to end.

Optimum cooperation through Building Information Modelling

How do our engineers go to work? If the design is complex, the drawing will be set up, according to our technical design, in Autodesk Inventor, to produce a 3D model, supplemented with construction framework conditions. Are there any adjustments necessary? Our engineers make any changes needed. The final result is a BIM-proof model, which provides the input for this much-used Building Information Model. This working method advances the cooperation between all the construction partners involved and prevents failure costs.

Managers with a flair for language

In addition to projects in the Netherlands, Sorba also carries out construction in Germany and the United Kingdom. It goes without saying that our managers know their languages. It’s one of the selection criteria! For example we’re working on the construction of an underground station in England? Our own project manager has ultimate responsibility, supported by our English colleagues. That’s how we do things.

Production and logistics

Production in our own assembly space

We produce the aluminium composite cladding, better known as Alpolic, ourselves. We assemble OTFS (Offsite Timber Framing Solutions) and insulated façade elements: we make them waterproof, vapour-sealed and where necessary flame-proof, so they meet construction requirements. Or we can build a façade solution in a steel frame system which offers a lot of possibilities and freedom in designing façades. We also fit them with windows and window frames. Do you need a made-to-measure glass fibre reinforced concrete façade? We design the façade and provide the manufacturing drawings, and we use one of our specialist partners for the actual production.


A pool of experienced assembly teams

We are working on a large-scale projects, such as the Arnhem Railway Station and several stations of the Elizabeth Line in London, like Farringdon.  Our own managers are on site to supervise the work. The assembly has to go exactly according to plan! That’s our responsibility. You can always count on our skilled mechanics.

In-house logistics

Each project must go smoothly. Any slowness or delay is unacceptable. That’s why we organise the logistics ourselves. It gives us control over the process. Wherever possible, we make ready-made elements from prefabricated components, package them skilfully and deliver them exactly on time to the construction site.

Safe and sensible construction

Since Sorba  is s SCC certified company, you can be sure we work safely, sensibly and in an environmentally sustainable way.


Currently we have no vacancies. However, Sorba is always looking for talented people. Do you think you can develop your talent at our company? Please send your motivation and CV to

Sorba also provides the possibilties for internships in the field of construction or mechanical engineering. If you want to apply for an internship, please send your motivation and CV to and we will consider the possibilities and assignments for internships.

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